Pantoja is a fairly comparable grappler into Elliot. Instead of having great control that is top more of the rear and a scramble take guy. Elliot does not even take the trunk considerably, he just stays like half shield, bracket, side controller, ” he promotes scrambling lol. But Fig is strong and rapid I really don’t see Elliot down him. He should shed if Elliot doesn’t get a drill and to control Fig out in rd 1. Toja attempted down him, taking his spine, shield subbing him easily prevented all of it and awakened. I feel as though Fig is about every single steroid. Decided yesterday, to move on Fig. Early seems like. Coming above. That has been a demolition derby. Can get him. I thought that battle was gonna be really close and it had been lopsided.

It had been really close. Do I want to care for him having success from JoeB and also MM? 3 and 5.5 years back . Both L’s however hmm. Bit of buyers guilt on Fig here. Tim kinda all over the place. Loses into the men. Smacks around the mid/lower men. Upon rewatch that is deeper, it is rather simple to wake if/when Elliott gets a Soikeo man down up. Guy wastes energy that is so much however. I really do wish I remained away however. What do you really get him ? I’m waiting, trusting for his lineup to enhance even more. And I stand by Pantoja. R3 and r1 weren’t shut. Yeah, I’d bet Pantoja therefore I remember that. Impressive from Figueredo.

I simply thought he would have the ability to replicate Formiga’s game program. Formiga outdid himself . Why has fought for almost two decades? Elliot can replicate the Formiga battle. But he has never done it before. I believe his grappling is too free to restrain someone. There’ll scramble chances. I believe his very best PTV is choking likely. Yeah. Formiga has been lot of thoughtful procedure. Negating. Controlling. And Fig caught up. I would not be overly surprised to see Fig shoot because he understands Tim is going to be eager and instantly on Elliot’s first and high position will be got by Fig it off. Formiga fought and that he won. I meant in half guard, which can be not flyweight, although safe at weight classes on top.