How to bet on horse racing online - betting tips

Proper betting on sports involves a thorough analysis of the situation on the sports and betting market. It is necessary to know who to bet on, how and when to bet, to have an idea about the existing strategies and bookmakers. For example, in 4rabet – a detailed review

For example, almost everyone has a favorite sport. People watch competitions, cheer for their favorite teams, and scroll through the possible outcomes of duels. If you regularly watch TV broadcasts, analyze what is happening on the sports field and make conclusions, you can make good money on bets.

In many matches and competitions the outsider and the favorite are known in advance. One team has a better chance of winning than the other. Less often there are situations when the odds of teams are equal. A reference point is the bookmaker’s calculations: The team with the lowest odds has the best chance of winning.

In our article you will learn how to learn to bet on sports on the Internet and win good money in bookmakers.

Features of betting on horse races

Horse racing is a sport in which bets are made according to a special system. In races, the winner is the one who comes to the finish line first. Horse races differ from team games also by the fact that here not 2 competitors compete, but much more, so for horse racing, bets can be placed on many outcomes.

The odds are traditionally high, but you should keep in mind that they change dynamically, and it is important to choose the right moment to make the most profitable bet on horse racing. At the racetracks there are the following varieties of horse racing betting odds:

  • AP – for long-term advance bets;
  • EP – early odds, established after the approval of the list of participants (1-2 days before the beginning of races), are valid before the horses enter the courtyard of the hippodrome;
  • EP – board-coefficients, valid from the moment of taking the horses to the inner yard till the beginning of the race;
  • SP – starting odds, offered at the start of the race.

Some large bookmakers offer favorable conditions for players: if bets on horse races were made at early or board odds, and the starting odds turned out to be higher, in case of winning it is guaranteed to be paid at the starting odds (guarantee of the best odds).

Types of horse racing betsBetting on horse races online, you can choose these options:

  • Win – betting on a single winner;
  • Place (prize) – on the fact that the selected horse will take one of the prizes (their number in different races varies);
  • Show – on the fact that the horse will come first, second or third;
  • Forecast – to guess the first two winners in the correct order;
  • Treble – same, but for 3 horses; more complicated bet;
  • Reverse Forecast – on two likely winners; if one of the specified horses comes first, the bet wins.

This is not a complete list of options. Hippodromes accept specific types of bets on horse racing, often unavailable at the studios, such as combined Win/Place or Win/Place/Show.

It is impossible to tell in a few words how to bet on horse races, it is a science. Professionals spend years collecting statistics, creating databases, personally assessing the shape of horses before the race, the condition of the pavement, which is affected by weather conditions. Betting on virtual races, for example, do not give such an opportunity, so they probably will not bring as much pleasure as the real ones, but decent winnings can still provide.