All too often, it’s easy to start placing sports bets without really thinking about what you’re doing. It can be something as simple as backing your team to win out of loyalty, or even just going for the bigger name blindly. Many players at the best NJ online casinos will have experienced this – placing a bet that’s not based on stats only to see it fail. It’s safe to say that a bet like this can often hurt more than a regular bet, because it is based on emotion rather than thinking it through.

That is why we have put together this guide to help you choose with your head. Just follow our tips and you can improve your betting performance in no time at all.

Steer clear of sports you don’t follow

Soccer might be the most popular game in the world, but in the US, it’s way at the back of the line. If you don’t know your Manchester United from your Manchester City, then it’s best to stay away from betting on it. Unless you have a good level of knowledge about the game you are going to bet on, you shouldn’t be betting on it at all.

This doesn’t just go for soccer though. If you’re not really a fan of the NFL, is betting on the Super Bowl a good idea? Pick your favorite sport, and then from there, you can build up your knowledge. This will allow you to make more sensible picks, which will lead to more success with your betting.

Follow the stats

This is possibly the most important piece of advice you can ever get. Become a stat follower. This will give you the knowledge required to make informed bets. Sites such as ESPN have plenty of stats available for you to devour. This will allow you to make a much better choice when placing your bets.

It’s not just about the win/loss records though. The stats involved within each game are also very useful. If you want to place wagers based on points scored and half-time scores, then finding the stats related to these metrics will make it much easier for you to choose your wagers.

Don’t be loyal

Loyalty is obviously a very positive character trait, but not in the world of gambling. If you have a particular team, horse or player that has served you well before, you shouldn’t bet on them purely out of loyalty. Just because your bet of choice has performed in the past doesn’t mean that it will perform again.

This is why you should use the stats to craft your bets. The previous bets you placed could have been an anomaly, or it could have been due to performing against a weaker opponent. There could also have been injuries involved, which is what caused the success. You should always take every possible metric into account and not just bet based on loyalty to a previously successful choice.

While these tips won’t guarantee success, they are a good starting point to develop a successful betting strategy.